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We walk around the neighborhood. Our Washington DC neighborhood is generally known as the "litttle Vatican", because of the Catholic institutions here. Catholic University, the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, lots of monks and nuns living in convents/monasteries.

So walking the dog I noticed a sign offering Drive-thru Confession.

So obviously that was a song.

Fuzz guitar, fake drums, ukulele bass. A song about over-sharing, maybe.


You know I'll listen patiently
you know I'll keep it judgment free
I guess that's why
you always come back to me

Listening to you
is the least I can do
I can do the least at least
but I'll never be your priest

It's another drive-by confession
I know you'll never make concessions
you can tell me all of your sins
you know I'll never turn you in

I'm not appointed
I'm not anointed
I can't reduce your sentence
could you offer penitence

after we examine
all the ideas in you head
we'll take a shot of whisky
and bury all the dead

I have no solution
I have no absolution

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classically quirky indie rock. i like how the guitars dominate the sides while the vocals remain clear in the front. clever lyrcs ad catchy melodies.

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Good song topic you hit on there! I like some of the wordplay type of stuff you do like "the least I can do/ I can do the least at least." And yeah sounds kinda like '90s indie rock, I like it.

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enjoyed the wordplay and catchy shoe-gaze pop vibe. Would you use the drive-thru confession and confess that you made a song about drive thru confessions? :P How were you getting that type of tremolo on your tracks? Pedals or inbuilt effects on a program?

Well, *of course* there'd be a drive-thru confessional, because America. I can remember travelling to Louisiana with my parents for my brother's wedding way back in 1999, and they were bemused (and quite possibly horrified) that there was a drive-thru liquor store next to the hotel. Margaritas to go in a sippy cup!

And hooray for indie rock; just what I needed on a very slow Saturday afternoon here in the UK. The crunch on the rhythm guitar, the way it nearly tails off into feedback, is very definitely hitting the spot for me, and so is that delicious tremelo.

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Oh, absolutely the sign was obviously a song. LOL. Great job with this. Some nice word play, good imagery, and a fitting end. Tremendous music. Really nice quirky song. Good job. Smile

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Nice 90's indie rock vibe, keep being impressed by how good people make the uke bass sound, should really get myself one for the studio. Lots of nice guitar tones, especially the lead guitar sounds gnarly and lovely, lush tremolo sounds too

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Yes, that definitely begged to be a song and you've delivered. Love that the "drive-by confession" line starts off the chorus. Catchy in and of itself! I agree with some of the previous commenters--reminds me of 90s indie rock in a good way.

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I wondering what you would look like in a Roman collar. Personally, I would never be the one to go to Catholic confession, but I understand how that is a comfort to many who do (also many other things, according to the lapsed Catholics in my life.) Though the singer is not anointed or appointed, they can support an important change to bury the dead--and the shot of whisky won't hurt.

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Obviously that was a song. I like the direction you took it with the confessee's point of view. Feels lived-in.

A thing I notice working really well is the way you let the words breathe and give them weight by putting lots of space around them. (One of those things I want to learn to do more intentionally.)

I really enjoy the guitar sounds and overall rock production. And that's a great chorus.

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Love the idea. That's a great premise for a song and it's really well executed. Love the lyrics and classic sound you put together. Very well done indeed.