Loosely Scatted

Loosely Scatted

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Liner Notes: 

The Little Hand Big Band present 'live' from The Upstairs Lounge for your audio pleasure...Loosely Scatted!


Erm...sort of...

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Never mind. Big band fun!Made me smile and want to dance! Love it!!!

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Aha! Thanks Cindy...just a piece of fun that I tried...

Someone's been taking lessons from the Phil Harris (no relation) school of scat singing, I suspect. (He was the voice of Baloo the Bear in Disney's 1967 version of The Jungle Book, and his duet with Louis Prima, a.k.a. King Louie is still an absolute joy).

As a fellow Brit, I always struggle with the word "scat" because to me it means fox poo. I guess where Donnie is concerned, the context isn't entirely incorrect: a being that is mostly orange and full of - well, you get the picture.

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Yep...Phil Harris and Louis Prima were ingrained in me as a child and it's been so good to see my kids and now my grandkids enjoy the same joyous abandon of jazzy scat and you make a very good point about fox poo and you know who...

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Hahaha this is so hilarious!
Like a drunk Dean Martin doing a bad Louis Prima impression.
Oh so excellent.
Yeah, this sure is a great tune.
Really well done.
You made me laugh this morning.

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"Like a drunk Dean Martin doing a bad Louis Prima impression" is spot on! Thanks for the listen and the comment and I'm so glad it made you smile...

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hehe love it - it would have a place on my favourite childhood album in the 70s "Goofy Greats" haha nice ending too Smile Big smiles

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Cheers Wobbie! If you like it...that's enough for me as you are the Queen of Quomedy!