'O Little Songbird'

'O Little Songbird'

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Liner Notes: 

Here is my random collaboration with Cola. I've enjoyed so much collaborating with you, Cola. Thank you for your beautiful lyrics, vocals and vocal melody!
After reading comments just thought I'd add some info about the process of our collaboration:
Cola sent me her beautiful lyrics. I created music and sent Cola my piano track and a rough vocal guide. Cola created her beautiful vocal melody and sang it very beautifully.

Bandcamp upload: https://nadiacripps.bandcamp.com/track/o-little-songbird


'O Little Songbird'
© 2020 Cola (lyrics, vocal melody) and Nadia Cripps (music)

O little songbird
Where do you go
When the dark starts to threaten
And the wind starts to blow?
Do you fly far away?
Do you hunker down low?
O little songbird
Where do you go?

O little songbird
Where do you rest
When the rain starts to pour down
To the east and the west?
Can you sleep safe and sound
In the warmth of your nest?
O little songbird
Where do you rest?

O little songbird
Where do you hide
When the light strikes the earth
And a roar shakes the sky?
Do you watch from the trees
Till the storm passes by?
O little songbird
Where do you hide?

O little songbird
How do you cheer
When the tempest is over
And the sky’s blue and clear?
Do you sing songs of joy
For the whole world to hear?
O little songbird
How do you cheer?

Dear little songbird
Music to my ear

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So sweet! Love the subject so well conveyed! Wonderful colab!

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very nice. spot on delivery and lyric for this music nice collab.

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Your collaboration process seems to involve a lot of interplay, and what a fabulous result! The song altogether conveys a sense of wonder and compassion and joy. I especially enjoyed the addition of another couplet at the end to put a lovely bow on the verses.
I hope we’ll hear more Nadia/Cola songs!

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Nicely done. It sounds very natural, especially given the unique collab approach. I enjoyed it.

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Very well crafted, my friends. This collaboration works on so many levels and I'm glad that the two of you were able to work together on a song. It's a gorgeous melody and actually quite the refreshing read/listen. Thanks to both of you for making my morning.

Oh wow, great collab! Such a wonderful melody sang really great by cola. The vocals and piano go together so well, it's really a perfect combo on this track. You both did really good on this one!

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I really like all the wonder in the lyric and that you address the little songbird directly as if you're sitting outside watching him. Great underlying message too. And I also really like how the piano's twinkling keys complement it all so gently as it cascades down and around. Nice how the vocal lifts as the ends of the lines. A lovely song!

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So beautiful. Really like the simple lyrics and the music accompaniment. Everything fits perfectly. This is a great collab.

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How beautiful this is. Smile As a lover of birds large and small, I found the lyric very touching - full of compassion and quiet joy. With its lovely tinkling weaving here, there, and everywhere, the piano mirrors so well the enchanting sound of a songbird.
Wonderful collaboration. Smile