Jump, Smash, Clap

Jump, Smash, Clap

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Liner Notes: 

It's been raining all morning here and I remembered loving to jump in puddles when I was a kid. Needs some fun music.


Jump, Smash, Clap
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Jump jump in the puddle
Smash smash in the mud
Clap clap muddy hands together
Come and be my best bud

Climb climb up in the tree
Dance dance in the sun
Dash dash across the prairie
Don't you think it'll be fun

Blow blow great big bubbles
Skip skip to jump rope
Bounce bounce the big ball
Let's roll together down the slope

Smell smell the pretty flowers
Hide hide and I will seek
Close close your eyes and count
Don't let me see you peek

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This has great visuals for kids to imagine and lots of actions that kids can get excited about doing. I can feel good rhythm with it, which I think is important in songs for young minds and ears - lots of good words.