When Summer Whispered Away

When Summer Whispered Away

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Liner Notes: 

people hear things dfferently, so i am often mystufied when bob dylans name comes up in comments tp my songs. when i read these lyrics from cindy, i thought that if i were to emulate dylan, this would be the song i would try to write. i probably didnt come close, but it was fun anyway. i love working with cindys lyrcs.


When Summer Whispered Away
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Those three months I treasure
When warmth surrounded me
It was a love that can't be measured
Those summer days by the sea

We were always together
At the beach in the hot sunshine
Every day it seemed to get better
Those days when you were mine

The chill is in the air now
The sky is dull and grey
I guess I'll go on somehow
Since summer has whispered away
Our summer has whispered away

Those hot nights of love
Is all I can think of now

We knew you'd go back to school
Our time would not be long
Now my days are far too cruel
And everything seems wrong

The calls were every day at first
Then they came less and less
I don't think I'm over the worst
Because our love was the best

Repeat chorus

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Wow! I honestly am getting goosebumps-especially the chorus! I have to say it is so like Dylan, but so you too! Perfect guitar and feel! Bravo!

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This is a very good lyric and bill does it justice. Oh bill its a lost cause! My wife said is that Dylan! I put her right but i think the intricacies were lost on her Smile

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Oooh! This is something special indeed...wonderful lyrics by Cindy then expressively sung and arranged by Bill...the best song I've heard in a long time!

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Well this one does have a bit a Dylan vibe to it, so you definitely achieved that. This is a great collaboration, Bill's arrangement of Cindy's ;lyrics fit perfectly. These lyrics are beautiful, I really love the line "I don't think I'm over the worst / Because our love was the best". Very nice job to both of you!

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"Since summer has whispered away" is a lovely phrase. Great vocals, as always, and I love those little fills at the end. Nice!

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Some of my favorite lyrics by Cindy with this one. Great job, Cindy! Very nice Dylan-esque stuff, Bill. I get a kick out of my friends doing collaborations--you guys really brought this one!

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Great title, gives the listener a picture before the song even starts. The longing in the music, vocal & lyric are strong, almost brought tears by the end of the first chorus.

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I like how the vocals pause to allow the guitar to speak. That of course is what Dylan did. But the lyrics are unmistakably Cindy’s. And Bill’s vocals made that happen.