in my prine

in my prine

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Liner Notes: 

RIP john prine

written for 100/180


(c) 04.12.2020 time and ink

verse 1

when i think back to my favorite years
they're always when i was changing gears
i moved to nashville to room with a friend
lived for years right off west end
i went out searching for music and such
in the pawnshops on charlotte without much luck
then i snagged that perfect great escape find
an old tape of john prine.

verse 2

just think of all those that he inspired
to trust their query, to trust their tired
to come at life just a little askew
and look deeply at the shit we humans do
and i am one who's joined that race
searching ever for that moment of grace
it's when i find that perfect line
that i, for the moment, am in MY prine.


oh john prine, in your prime
no-one could match you for a rhyme
there's so much that you left behind
and you were always in your prine.

verse 3

so now the world is falling apart
and i'm in my studio following my heart
trying so hard to wrangle the muse
and put the polish to odes and blues
so that, should i go before too long
at least i'll leave behind a song
and that's why the other day i was cryin'
cuz the world's no longer in its prine.


---------------> SOLO



the only one truly in your prine.

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What a great tribute song to him! It was such a loss for so many and telling your story in relation to him is great!