Heavy rain

Heavy rain

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Heavy rain-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

and then the neighbor called for extra sound effects at the end...


Heavy rain
© 2020 Coolparadiso

Its a bit late now for reflection
For all the deeds done bad
Starting to reconsider
The things that made you sad

Yeah i took you for granted
Never really thought
Sure i did you wrong
Didn’t think that i’d get caught

Wish i could have my time again
Now it will never be the same again
Life weighs down on me again
Just like, Just like… heavy rain

I thought i would be fine alone
Wouldn’t even miss you
But now the mist has cleared
I can see it isn’t true

Without you i’m incomplete
Not the man i used to be
Life’s summer is at an end
Rain weighs down in me

Wish i could have my time again
Now it will never be the same
Life weighs down on me
Just like heavy rain

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Jeez, Marthie--do you ever sleep?

Curious: Who did what here? I'm guessing coolparadiso did the lyrics and that's Marthie on piano--although I enjoy his musical arrangements, too.

Or...just leave me guessing. That's okay--maybe better to just sit back and enjoy what ended up (regardless of how) a simply gorgeous song!

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I have to wonder when you sleep too Marthie! I love that slow pace with such great lyrics and vocals!