Days Of Fire

Days Of Fire

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Liner Notes: 

cola does guest vocals with me, gave ideas for the lyrics and worked out my rough vocal melody & lyrics into something much tighter.

My aim with this track was to finally make something that sounds like an anime song while still being a Kanttila track. Recently I finished Gundam Wing, and while it wasn't a great series I absolutely loved the last 9 episodes and their awesome opening song "RHYTHM EMOTION". I've watched the opening so many times, it's one of my new favorites for it's excellent animation & direction, and I've listened to the song a ton lately. So I wanted to make something like that and the other classic 90's anime songs like "A Cruel Angel's Thesis". I couldn't do this alone though. cola did a fantastic job with the vocals and helping make every aspect of this song turn out.

J-Pop is what I've been listening to the most for the last 7 years ever since Mami Kawada's "Hishoku no Sora" from Shakugan no Shana got me hooked for good. I never get sick of it! It's music for every occasion. I want to bring more of this into my music so I'm extremely happy with how this turned out! I might try buff up my vocals later but for now this does the trick.


I feel an infinite beat
A heart that never will retreat
Soon, our eyes will see
Past these Days of Fire

Sparks, in the harsh Crimson Sky
It’s only you who can turn back the tide
Behind the scarlet mist, peeking through
You’ll find

Beyond the weeping
Sunlight is sweeping on over the plains
I know with courage you’ll transcend

Forged in the merciless flames
Scourged, a tattered husk remains
You can rise and make it
Past these Days of Fire

I feel an infinite beat
A heart that never will retreat
Soon, our eyes will see
Past these Days of Fire
Just One Life

Pushed, to fight a battle uphill
As they defeated and tested your will
But if you make it beyond the time
You’ll climb

Why are you hiding?
Tears that you’re crying will grow into strength
I know with courage you’ll transcend

Blooming through curtains of steel
Destiny to be revealed
Make it out alive
Past these Days of Fire
I feel an infinite beat
A heart that never will retreat
Soon, our eyes will see
Past these Days of Fire

Passage of dangerous arms
Shadows that will soon take form
Please, I hope you see
Past these Days Of Fire

I feel an infinite beat
A heart that never will retreat
Soon, our eyes will see
Past these Days of Fire
Just One Life

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Ooh, there IS a bit of an anime flavor to this. Hey, if you like all things Japanese (my youngest son lives in Tokyo, married to a Japanese woman and expecting a baby in December) you should watch TERRACE HOUSE on Netflix. One of the things I like about the series is the music--especially the main theme.

You two have done a great job on this! MORE!!

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Cool old-school anime opening vibe, really like how you have split up the vocal duties. And lots of cool guitarwork. Nice collab.

Wow, yeah that's the first thing that came to mind - anime intros.
I'm very new to anime, with Sword Art Online being my first experience, then One Punch Man, Food Wars, Saiki K, and now both Attack On Titan and Haven't You Heard, I'm Sakimoto...and they all seem to have these friggin HYPE as all get out intro songs that get you almost comically over-pumped for the subject matter (well, not Attack on Titan or Sword Art...cause you NEED to be pumped to handle the emotional trauma those shows put you through lol).
But yeah, this has that frantic pace and excellent vocal work with very intricate lyrics. Not to mention the insane musicianship. Love the vocals and guitar here.
This immediately makes me wanna go watch stuff.
Excellent, both of you.

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Some classic metal sounds here ... that guitar sounds really rough and ready ...vocal trade-offs sound great! 2:20 or so and then into the solo blew me away. A blaster!

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Sold and sold! This definitely has captured the rush and fun of the opening sequence of an anime. I love the arrangement and I'm telling you - I very much enjoyed that guitar run throughout the track. Cola's added vocals to yours is a great compliment. This thing kicks pants! Excellent all the way around, folks!

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Good the gallop sound on the guitar...nice vocals. Now the second vocals...excellent. Great job putting this collab together. Beyond the vocals and lyrics the guitar and drums sounds awesome! Nice break in the middle...these days of fire. I like it a lot...both. You pulled off something I haven't been able to do in collaborations with two vocalists. Very nice indeed. I know this was a lot of work and you two pulled it off nicely...well done!

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Really loved this, musically, vocally and lyrically top notch.

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Yeah, Rock n roll is always alive and kicking in your hands. Love that intro, playing rhythm guitar on horseback! and the duet is wonderfully exciting, with a great melody.
This is a cracker, and I have to say that writers block you suffered must've completely recharged you, because you are excelling yourself this year.

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Love the dramatic feel to this, definitely captures that theme-tune kinda vibe! And the guitar solo RIPS.

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J-Pop is the only Pop music I ever want to listen to. This is a great homage to that amazing genre. I fell in love with J-Pop thanks to TM Revolution, See-Saw & Tatsuya Ishii (& the rest of the amazing Mobile Suit Gundam Seed OSTs). This really reminds me of the emotion of those Gundam songs. I would love to hear more like this!

See You In The Shadows…

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Cool galloping guitars on the intro. This thing rocks and I like the vocals a lot. Your two voices work well together. This is a cool ride.

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I'm a fan of this rhythm guitar coming in swinging! Again, hearing your rhythm section makes me want to find a drum room. The drums are very nice. The composition is ambitious and you've pulled it off very nicely. Great vocal harmonies and superb vocal techniques all around. Great job!

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Beautiful song and collaboration. To me it sounds like a rock musical. I love the dynamic feel, the energy. Your duet is gorgeous. This is a very cool collaboration. Brilliant song and demo. What I also love is that the more you listen the more beauty opens up. You keep the listener hooked throughout your song. Fantastic lyrics, music, voices, instrumentation, playing, solos. It all works in a most gorgeous way. I don't know what you'd think about this but I can imagine your song in Eurovision Song Contest. It is very beautiful and it's full of colours. I can imagine it with all the lights, background dance...

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Absolutely wonderful. Soaking in the the spectacular music! These feels ready for the stage! This feels like the hit title song from a brilliant rock musical! Love the phrasing, pacing, percussion, guitar, and vocals! Incredible work and production. So polished and perfect! .