in Dreams

in Dreams

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In Dreams-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

I really struggled with this song. My keyboard kept on modulating the moment I edit anything- so i did an audio only recording. Not the greatest but at least the voice and keyboard is in the same key...

OK I think it's a memory problem: I can only do piano and voice- anything more and garageband malfunctions....


In Dreams
© 2020 Coolparadiso

Verse 1
I can sell you any dreams you want
Im sure you have the time
You’ve always ready for this, i never miss
Stay cool
You know its something that you want
A few moments of bliss

Verse 2
So what do you think, are you gonna role the dice
See what comes
You never know maybe follow the flow
Stay cool
Live in the moment
Im sure this is the way to go

You can think what you want
I don’t really care
Its only when it suits you
You say it isn’t fair

Verse 3
Im the Guy the real biz on the street
Come on now, you will see
This should see you off
Stay cool
I always knew everything about you
More snouts are in the trough

Verse 4
So whats your heaven Or your hell
Which god do you pray to
No one i think
Stay cool
Its time for you decide
Has your armor got a chink

You can think what you want
I don’t really care
Its only when it suits you
You say it isn’t fair

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Really nicely written and performed. The honestly of the lyric comes out in the vocal so beautifully, saying it like it is but in a tender, matter of fact way. Great collab! And @Coolparadiso, I'm glad people still remember the Sierra games from years and years and years ago Wink

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Really cool lyrics performed so well. The basic piano / vocal made it sound like a song within a musical (to me anyway) I could see the actor wandering the stage singing this in a reflective sort of way. Great collaboration.

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What a perfect collaboration! The lyrics have a soulful feel to them and the performance really brings that out and adds a bit of smokey jazz club vibe to it. Seriously, top notch song!

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I love the phrasing...the way you let the words tumble out. This simple arrangement as a dark beauty to it. The lyric is really interesting, though it has a certain opacity, which I like. There's no need for explanation, but are we talking about a drug dealer?

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Best lyrics ever, coolparadiso! Really set the bar with this one!

Marthie, Marthie, Marthie... I'm phasing out 50/90 since I just posted #50, but I will have to stop by from time to time just to hear you. I became SUCH a fan this year! <3