Blackbird Hill

Blackbird Hill

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Liner Notes: 

this is the type of story where you want to say"tell me again what happened?" so it does go on and on... through the ages...


Blackbird Hill
© 2020 Cindy Prince

In the late 1800's
Stands Blackbird Hill
Overlooking the wide Missouri

A husband was jealous
Perhaps he's jealous still
His ghost's overwhelmed with fury

Pre chorus
He stabbed her first but she didn't die
He threw them both off and you still hear her cry

On the Omaha Reservation
Blackbird Hill stands tall
Part of God's creation
You can still hear her haunting call
On October 17th every year
Her last scream can still be heard
The cry is always crystal clear
As she fell from the big Blackbird

No matter what the weather
The sound is the same
She is screaming through the ages

The sound is overpowering
All the residents proclaim
Do you think you are courageous?

Repeat pre chorus and chorus

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Well this is going to haunt me! And everyone who hears it. Oh that cry! That piano! Once you hear it it stays with you. Aaaaa!

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Very nice. Love the elongated notes. Good lyric to play with. Piano has a bot of epic!

Jerry Pettit's picture didn't think I would weigh in on this one? Awesome and SO creative in how you've handled Cindy's lyrics here. Great vocal of course and I love how you've gotten an American Indian "vibe" with the piano. Another incredible collaboration, ladies!

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Amazingly good! What a perfect combination of the talents of Cindy and Marthie...well done both and a truly wonderful Cindy said...haunting...