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Liner Notes: 


...was thinking about how i used to work with this old dishwasher, and how some things have come 'full circle' in a way, and now 35 years later, i'm washing dishes... oh, and the chance i had to knock on madonna's trailer, back in the day...


must have been 35 years ago
got a job working over at the kingdome
washing dishes and bussing ice
met a gal over there she were so fine
see the river rolling over the plates
never knew i would meet such a fate

stopped by madonna's trailer
never bothered to knock
one friend said i should have
another said it were best i not
saw the show from a luxury box
maybe i should have knocked

there were an old dishwasher there
sharp as a tack but scared
turned out korea had made him that way
now look at me i'm similar today
thousand yard stare
maybe you'd best be on your way

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some WILD shredding going on in this track. It sounds like an experimental bluesy thing.