The Bridge

The Bridge

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about a girl on the edge ands the choice she makes.


The Bridge:


Mary was young, Mary was brave, barely the age of thirteen,
But most of us folks, living our lives, have never known what she’d seen
True to herself and deep in her search, the night did beckon her forth,
To the Bridge where many others have travelled before

Rose before 3, went out on her own and crossed by the still naked dawn,
Deciding her life must turn out to be more than her own fragile form.
And looking below at the river so clear, and the pylons holding her soul
She decided to make the bridge her own metaphor.


Tossed and turned raised by the ones who singed and blistered her skirt,
All she wanted to be was wrapped in flowers not tied down by their tired hurts
With the wind in her hair she breathed from her chest and knew that she would never fall
By deciding to build bridges rather than walls.

True to herself and deep in her search, the love did beckon her forth,
By deciding to build bridges rather than walls.

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Love the feel of this, a very calming and well crafted guitar track along with the quality vocals!

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Came here after Doin' Alright. Love the backing. Makes me reach for the download button straightaway (and it ain't there...). It's a hugely positive outcome, refusing the escape and walls, and taking instead the harder, better course. I think this is a super song. Write more.