Messed Up

Messed Up

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Liner Notes: 

Colleen: When I read through a set of lyrics and a tune immediately pops into my head, I feel so excited to collaborate with that person. Doug is one of those lyricists for me. The chorus on this was stuck in my head from the first read-through. I love singing the many songs we’ve done together over the years. He is a master storyteller.

Doug: I always feel lucky when Colleen takes one of my lyrics because I know I'm in for a treat and I love her voice. I love what she did here, especially on the chorus. My brain doesn't think like that, so hearing it sung was a very, very pleasant surprise. The song sounds both dark and sad, if that makes sense, which is a perfect fit for the words. Thanks, Colleen!


Cigarette between the lips
No ashtray anyone would ever kiss
Acts like such a tough guy
A little on the far side
When he cuts a thug to bits

Growing up the world felt safe
Hard times turned ‘round his sense of place
Now he’s a wheeler-dealer
Watch him put out feelers
As he moves through time and space

But late at night in his fancy crib
He doesn’t really know what gives

He’s messed up
Messed up
Messed up
Even when he’s high
He’s messed up
Messed up
Messed up
Only in the darkness will he cry

When payments come up overdue
It’s time to send out his collection crew
All part of the hustle
Make sure nobody’s trouble
Make ‘em taste the witch’s brew

But late at night when he’s all alone
He fears his heart has turned to stone


He’s proud of his entrepreneurship
Talks to a god he doesn’t worship
About feeling trapped
About finding...
Another way


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All you wrote about Doug is true. His lyrics are so musically.
As is your version of these words. I like how you dive into presenting your song. Bravo!

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Wow, this is fab! I am trying to catch up since I am not feeling very good. It's a smash!

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Great story telling in both the lyrics and the melody. Great collab!

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This is a fantastic collaboration. Doug's lyrics are always a treat to work with and Colleen did a great job arranging them.