When Summer Whispered Away

When Summer Whispered Away

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I'm still not feeling good but finally was able to get this idea. Needs music and vocals.


When Summer Whispered Away
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Those three months I treasure
When warmth surrounded me
It was a love that can't be measured
Those summer days by the sea

We were always together
At the beach in the hot sunshine
Every day it seemed to get better
Those days when you were mine

The chill is in the air now
The sky is dull and grey
I guess I'll go on somehow
Since summer has whispered away
Our summer has whispered away

Those hot nights of love
Is all I can think of now

We knew you'd go back to school
Our time would not be long
Now my days are far too cruel
And everything seems wrong

The calls were every day at first
Then they came less and less
I don't think I'm over the worst
Because our love was the best

Repeat chorus

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love thus lyric and since so many people are accusing my songs of sounding like bob dylan, your lyric would give me a perfect opportunity to show whati it souds like when i actually am emulating dylan.. how about t?

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OOH! I can’t wait to hear this collab....Bill is such an expressive singer! The line “summer has whispered away’” is so provocative. Nice choice for repetition in a chorus.