Tattooed Tina

Tattooed Tina

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Liner Notes: 

I made the instrumental and Technicolor Gramophone did the rest. He asked me to make a track like classic KISS so I was all over that. I was thinking Strutter, King Of The Nighttime World, Mr. Speed and Take Me when I recorded this with some of that Dressed To Kill urgency and classic Rock 'n Roll riffs. You think it'd be easy to make something like Room Service, C'mon & Love Me and Getaway until you try it yourself. The drums were very difficult for me to keep up, I was trying to groove them hard and I found I couldn't do too many fills or I'll go right out of time. I've been battling the metronome big time recently. It's not my absolute tightest and best mixed song but it still LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE HOT NIGHTS FOR ROCK 'N ROLL. WE GONNA GET THIS PLACE SO HOT, WE GONNA HAVE TO CALL OUT...Tattooed Tina.

I learnt drums from KISS and Ac/Dc songs so I have much love for Peter Criss' drumming. In the day he had awesome groove and brought a great feel to the tracks. His drums on Rock 'n Roll Over are so awesome and I love his solo during 100,000 Years on Alive. Eric Carr is the member of KISS I have the most respect and admiration for. He seemed like a really good guy and he was the ball of energy KISS needed to get through the 80's. The first time I played drums I knew what to do from watching Eric in the Animalize Live videos. I Love It Loud was the first KISS song I tried playing on drums (naturally) and the ones I usually played to were Deuce, Strutter, Plaster Caster, God Of Thunder (with drum solo of course) and Black Diamond (featuring me screaming the vocals because you know, it's the drummers song man). and guitar solos, I learnt it all from Ace man. Lots of respect for Bruce Kulick also, that solo in Tears Are Falling is one of the greatest of 80's Rock.

The one constant between my 12-year old self and my current one is a love of early KISS. This track let me live out all my teenage rock star fantasies, and I got to be both Paul Stanley AND Gene Simmons. Kurtis did an amazing job of replicating the early KISS sound - the riffs, the rhythms ... kudos to him!


(Lyrics by Technicolor Gramophone)

Tattooed Tina, tattooed sleeves-uh
ex-ballerina, Tattooed Tina

She's got a cool 70's shag hairdo
Like Suzi Quatro
A '78 Datsun 280zx
A bulldog named Boris

She's an old-fashioned rocker
She's got a Jedi sword
and a Motorhead surfboard

Yoga teacher yogurt eater
Buddhist meditator
Coolest neighbor
In the building

Her license plate holder
Couldn't be bolder
Cos it says "Do it in a Datsun"
and she looks so cool in the hot sun

She's standing on her head
In a bed of grass outside my window
and I'm on tippy toes

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Well!!! this is interesting. Sounds great, lots of fun had in the creation. I'm a bit lost for words, which is quite unusual for me. It's splendid. Though I'm rather sadly left wondering if tough little Suzi Quattro's still exist? but in England we never created our own, we imported them......but anyway. Very entertaining.

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Classic heavy rock song, ready to face the day here after my dose of guitar solo. Very cool!

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Great performance on the vocals and the backing track absolutely rocks to the maximum (I measured it). This is a belter.
Rock n roll women always dominate the best lyrics, Personally I reckon its the tattoos and leather, not the yogurt and buddhism as some others think.
i don't know a lot about Kiss they never really caught on in Britain, their style of rock n roll was very American,
but they certainly knew how to wear make up.

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I have to tell you this! I listened enjoyed commented and thought if i didnt know better i would think i could see technicolour gramaphone in this - perhaps i should mention that they should collab - der der! then i comeback and realise they had! i really need to read ha ha

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This is a great, fun rock song. Just awesome rock and roll! I think you did a great job with the Kiss type song and I love it!

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What a fun rocker! Great collab gents!

See You In The Shadows…

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Oh man, this is fun. The music, the lyrics, the delivery. Just good old-fashioned rock 'n roll. Love it!

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What can I say? This sounds to me like a Kiss/Alex Harvey collaboration which means "mission accomplished!"

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The vocals on this are so sick! Overall, it has a ton of energy and is really awesome to listen to.