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Liner Notes: 


the details remain hazy
were you re-triggered in the parking lot
mk-ultra there on the plates
of the super car every other day

did they drug you in your sleep
so you could be what they needed
was project monarch
never defeated

mass hypnosis on a global scale
interlopers calculus they never fail
could it be there before the mask of victory
while they did a jig astride the lane of synergy

monarch did you ever have a friend
someone nice on whom you could depend
was the music your one and only friend
how did you expect the charade would never end

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Man this is straight out the late 60s playbook, both vocally and instrumentally. I felt back in time, s fun time.

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This is a perfect conspiracy theory song, if ever there was one. the accompaniment has so many weird noises going on, and the questioning narrator voice is right for it. As Cool Paradiso says it does sound like there's some musicians still dressed in brightly coloured clothes and flares from the late 1960's looking for their song, and wondering where it's gone. So well constructed, works beautifully.

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You have been hired by monarch and mk ultra to dope us with your music, entrance us with your guitar, mesmerize us with drums and mindconyrol us with your voice. It's the only explanation for what I feel hearing this