Grisly River (Courier Drone)

Grisly River (Courier Drone)

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Liner Notes: 

number 3 - trying to make it as far as i can!


grisly river was a friend of mine
the rabid animals explain
a canopy made of glass
we're holding on

where did you go on a deadly dance?
way out beyond the dome
electric in your palm
to hold your hands

the boiler's ready to blow
I'll wait in heaven and serve
my mortal courier drone
they are cremating my bones

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Intriguing lyrics. Didn't know what genre, or even what kind of instrument, to expect. Something about the melody seems strange and macabre in a way that suits the words perfectly. Paints a picture using unfamiliar colours and strokes; I've ended up with something I *think* I recognise, but cannot be sure.

Very interesting. And brief, so I went back and listened again. My second opinion is: very interesting.

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This is not what I was expecting with the title. but the casual tone in which you song and play create the effect of how trivial these things are and that is really scary

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There is something very alluring and mysterious about this one. Catches your attention with the lovely guitar and vocals to reveal some vaguely unsettling imagery underneath (which I love, to be clear).