Demon Feasts

Demon Feasts

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I walk through the woods
And I smell it
Before I see it
Spread across the ground

A demon feasts
On the corpse
Of a mortal
I come upon him
And he tries to flee

I sink my blade
Into the place
His heart should be
He screams
As his own blood
Leaves his body

I feel
A quiet triumph
As one more evil creature
Leaves this world.

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Hey, shaking up the structure, I like it.

I'm usually a fan of songs that develop and keep me guessing, but it's nice to read/hear a straightforward tale of beast-slaying. The idea of stabbing something that doesn't have a heart in the heart is quite powerful and paints quite a picture as to the nature of the demon. I do wonder why it is filled with blood with no heart, but one doesn't tend to have the luxury of pondering the anatomy of angry hellspawn. All the more reason we should be grateful for paladins such as the narrator here.

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I like the use of a non-rhyme structure. Wonderfully vivid images with nice tight concise lines.

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This as many of your words would render epic metal tracks.