What You Mean To Me

What You Mean To Me

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Liner Notes: 

They say write about what you know. This is all I know for the last four and a half months. What's good is that we'd been doing that for the last 20 years as well! Perhaps I'll come back and add music...


I'll see you again in the morning
Keep me warm all through the night
We will start this fine day together
And try to make use of the light

Can I make you your first cup of coffee
And what should we manage today
I appreciate the things you do for me
I wouldn't have it any other way

What you mean to me
My reality
Isn't hard to see
Know I love you
That'll always be true
I know you love me too

Time to sit on the couch for some TV
Getting tired it's been a long day
Put your head right here on my shoulder
And let all your cares melt away

Amble our way down the hallway
Once more we will fall into bed
I'll dream of tomorrow with you love
And look forward to what lies ahead

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Aww this is really sweet! I'm in a similarly committed and contented partnership (20 years next April!), so I find this very relatable. We are lucky to have this, especially with all the turmoil around. Congratulations and keep on keeping on! Good job with these words Smile