Things I Saw On My Walk

Things I Saw On My Walk

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Liner Notes: 

As the title says!


Smashed Coke can I can't help you
smashed Coke can no can do
cos if I pick you up and throw you in the bin
I could catch the COVID
and I don't want to catch the COVID (no covid, no covid)

Little bottle of blue liquid you're a big mystery
little bottle of blue liquid what could you be
nail polish? some type of varnish? a solvent? Or maybe a hand soap
to wash away the COVID
to wash away the COVID (I'd pick it up but I don't want the COVID)

Big Gulp from 7-11, made of styrofoam
I thought they stopped using styrofoam
cos it's bad for the planet
just like the COVID
(7-11 and COVID 19 - a bad combination for this evergreen environment)

These are things I saw on my walk
and if these things could talk
what stories they could tell:
thrown out of car windows by drunken assh*les
thrown out of car windows by selfish assh*les

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I saw the title and thought it might be something nice!!! But then this is a very universal song because it's what we all see on our walks. Love the way you've created such a bleak soundscape to surround the lyrics, you've really got inside a lot of heads with this song.

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What a great song this is!
Really hilarious delivery of the disturbing lyrics.
I'm liking the Melodica drone sneaking in there.
I live on a road that is about a medium-sized coffee consumption distance from the nearest megachain coffee shop so I'm always seeing empty coffee cups that have been thrown out someone's car window.

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vivid portrait of a world where people are afraid of everythng, even unanimate objects can kill.

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Danger danger, danger in everything! Afraid to live. Nicely captured through iconic articles of our society.

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Mundane observations of modern life, amusing song. The backing was really fitting, I thought it would just be acapella so it was a bonus surprise.