Survival of the Dead or The Jug Bands are Finally Taking Acid

Survival of the Dead or The Jug Bands are Finally Taking Acid

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Movie title challenge, thanks again @wacha one of my personal favorite things I've done solo in quite a while....and first time I've broke out a 12-string....well it's 11 now Biggrin that I aquired a few months back.

Subtitle a little homage to one of my favorite bands Wink

and as always recorded for headphones


zombie gibberish

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Ah, so it's the Cha Cha for LSD, low slow dancers Smile

- Interesting, good stuff! Sonorus harp there too. Great mix. Very "tribal" even.

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That intense, claustrophobic production really adds something to this. I'm sitting here imagining staying in a motel somewhere in the back of beyond and considering what I'd do if I started to hear this seeping through the wall from an adjacent room. "Staying put" would not be particularly high up on my list of actions.

Atmospheric, menacing, moody stuff. I like.

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"Recorded for headphones"; an individual after my own heart. Smile
Fantastic title for sure.
Really really nice; I love this a lot.
The kind of music zombie hillbillies might make after eating those strange mushrooms they found in the woods.
Great work.

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Haha! I think everybody here is high. "The kind of music zombie hillbillies might make..." Actually, that's a very apt description though. I really enjoyed the arrangement here. Complex, but intriguing. I appreciate the comments you left me, so am glad I made it a point to check your stuff out. Keep it up!

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i dont know if they have to be hillbillies. one of the best jug bands was from new england. but they are certainly acidhead zombies. such sounds are unmistakable.

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Skiffle for your life! I do very much like the spacing. Love the mouth harp sound. This whole thing has a vague sense of menace that's never overt, which just makes it creepier.

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The panning on those drums really gives this track a large sonic footprint. I feel Like I'm chasing the beat every measure - & I love it! This is a wonderful song. Needs more zombies tho Wink I'm kidding…

See You In The Shadows…

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This is definitely 'coming through the wall music' and brings with it the curious delight of trying to fit actions to those sounds from next door.
How much acid have you taken/ have they taken? I was thinking that dumb singer had got his his stuck inside a giant vase but then realised I'd heard that guy before, on the old 13th Floor Elevators records...jug band music of course, and doh you told me in the title.
Awesomely weird and healthy entertainment.

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This is catchy but just a little unsettling, and great. There is a clear melody but also a little confusion. Really nice job with the prompt.

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I LOVE the zombie gibberish! Very very creepy production!