Truly Amazing

Truly Amazing

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Liner Notes: 

My take on the Fake It challenge lyrics and such can be found there if so inclined.

Probably should of played this more than first verse/chorus before pushing record, but ah well Wink

The bridge wasn't built bad, but I sure took a blind leap off it Biggrin came as a surprise to me too Wink

definitely not something I would of written Wink for one it's a really good write, and not my usual fair, was great fun though Biggrin

Thanks for letting us all destroy your work @metalfoot

and I don't really know my chords, but I think I'm playing more of a Em7 in verses(sorry Wink )

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The distorted/destroyed guitar sound created a whole different effect for sure!
A pleasure to hear this one as a contribution toward the collection of Truly Amazing -- the tune is wonderfully melodic even with the guitar line sound you've used here.

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This is really cool, it reminds me of velvet underground.

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Yeah, Velvet Undergroundish for sure. Very cool track @dzd. That mangled guitar in the background is just wonderful. And the distortion on the chorus ratchets it up another notch. This is really good!

See You In The Shadows…

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I like this one a lot, it has a 90s grunge demo or bonus track feel. Like something you'd hear in the outtakes for a Sonic Youth or Nirvana album. I love the guitar tone and your vocals sound great! Very nice take on the challenge.

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Loving this genre-bending art rock meets glam rock meets alternative meets grunge mashup!

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This is a cool take on the challenge! I particularly like the wobbly guitar sound during the verses. Nice work!