I Will Not Fight With Strangers On The Internet

I Will Not Fight With Strangers On The Internet

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Liner Notes: 

I'm trying to wean myself off the social medias, which is hard when you can make the excuse that you need it for professional reasons. And the pandemic's perfect storm of no human contact plus extra free time made it even harder. But one behavior I absolutely will not allow myself to engage in anymore is fighting with strangers on the internet. The urge is still there, because there are a lot of damn fool ideas flooding the halls of Facebook etc, but while the ideas are worth refuting, the actual refuting of them is a waste of time. Maybe in an in-person scenario it would be more productive, but fighting on the internet spends heaps of time and energy and changes nothing. No thank you.


[spoken word intro]

I will not fight with strangers on the internet
That's about as pointless as a pastime can get
Might end up saying something I'm gonna regret
To someone that I've never even met

I will not fight with strangers on the internet
It's such a silly flex of your intellect
Better yet, why not put it right out of your head
And go outside instead

There goes time
In the blink of an eye
And nobody's changing hearts and minds
So why?
I'm telling you, I....

...will not fight with strangers on the internet
Life is too precious to fritter and fret
Forget it!
We all wanna do it but I would bet
It hasn't made a damn thing better yet

So I will not fight with strangers
I will not fight with strangers

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Love the sentiment. This song should be triggered to play when internet access and blood pressure cross some kind of threshold.

Also. Those harmonies are sweet.

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Haha, so true! Great delivery. Clever lyric. I especially liked the B section. Nice job!

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how many have made and broken that resolution? i really enjoyed this chippy song and the clarity of the production, the way you enunciated the internet /intellect consonance, the musical references to the great american songbook and the good natured delivery throughout.

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That was brilliant! It really doesn't make a difference or change / improve anything fighting with strangers on the internet! LOL I loved the clever idea and all the clever lyrics and the simple instrumentation went with it really well! Awesome job!

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Brilliant change from spoken work to song, makes this feel it should be in a musical. Great vocals, lyrics and the old timey feel gives it a lot of charm.

Sage advice, entertainingly delivered. I'm now imagining a this as part of a "safe computing" musical written by Steven Sondheim. I would totally go see that show.

This pairs wonderfully with "Backspace" that @wobbie wobbit wrote a couple of years ago. Actually, it was probably a lot more than a couple of years ago. "There goes time..." indeed.

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I really like the intro. I must admit I wasn't expecting the drums & bass when they came in at the start of the second verse. It was a very nice surprise! This would fit well in a musical about the modern Social-Media society we all seem to live in. This is a great song, Carley!

See You In The Shadows…

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SO TRUE. Love love love the swingy vaudeville sound you've got going here. It fits the playful and somewhat cheeky tone of the piece so well. Your voice is absolutely lovely!