The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't often written duets but this idea came this morning. I'd love to have this picked up.


The Silent Treatment
© 2020 Cindy Prince

Here's you a pillow
Here's a blanket too
Go sleep somewhere else
I'm sure mad at you

You make me crazy
I think you do it for fun
Go sleep on the couch
Before I count to one

You're blowing this up
Just as you usually do
Give me that damn pillow
I'm tired of your chew

Her: Get outta my sight
Him: Have a good night
Her: I don't want to see you
Him: There ain't no way to please you
Her: This happens way too frequent
Him: Now comes the silent treatment
(Stomping away from each other)

Her: Don't tell me I'm cute when I'm mad
Him: Why do you think that's so bad

Maybe I'll calm down
But I wouldn't count on it
I hate that smug look
And you're a hypocrite

I'm not holding my breath
And I'll sleep real good
Cause you are impossible
And I'm so tired of your mood

Repeat chorus

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I'm sure this happens frequently in households. Clever and again relatable.

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Very well written and relatable. You stir up some clear imagery here.