Truly Amazing

Truly Amazing

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Liner Notes: 

This years first song, been away on vacation and got some mixing work I had to prioritize instead of making my own music Sad

Recorded this quite quickly while waiting for some response on the last of the mixes I've been working on, I would have liked to add the acoustic guitar with a microphone had to settle for a DI signal since the studio under me is doing some carpentry today.
A bit more open calendar the rest of the week so hope to find time for more songs

Used @metalfoot's fake it challenge as a starting point, but had to use a capo (3) to make the vocal melody a bit more friendly for my vocal range

Sigma Hummingbird acoustic guitar
Yamaha SA50T electric guitar
Oslo Instrumentfabrikk P Bass
Arturia Analog Lab 4 for Wurlitzer & Mellotron
Percussion (Cabassa and caxixi)
Addictive Drummer 2

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That's GREAT. Very Cat Stevens feel to it (and capoing a song is certainly within the spirit of the challenge; it retains the chord progression/feel, just changes key).

I love what you did with the chorus, especially. Thanks for playing!

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Really good. I like the vocal jump up on 'Your love' The electric guitar parts are very good indeed, they add a lot in a subtle way.

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That has a very am radio feel to it. Quite a contrast from my take on it. Those electric guitar tones are delicious.

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Guitar work/mix on this is lovely! bass sits really nice! sounds great in the headphones Wink The plunks in that bridge an excellent touch!

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Really nice song! Everything sounds so great, vocals are fantastic and guitars are wonderful. The pick up for the outro is especially remarkable!

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Gorgeous sound, I often find DI acoustic guitar can ruin a mix but it works pretty well here as a counterpoint to the rich electric guitar tone. Your voice sounds great on this one, really strong melody and performance.

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Lovely blend of vocals and music. Gentle yet effective, like the electric guitar here. Nice listen!

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The guitar is so lush! The doubled vocals are very effective. Overall great sound.

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I love this so much! Your vocal performance is fantastic, the melody you've come up with is so catchy, and the instrumentation all comes together to create a sweet and soothing soundscape. An excellent take on the challenge!