Loose Lips

Loose Lips

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Liner Notes: 

Cindys lyric suggested a Rolling Stones song. It didnt quite turm out that way. Thank you Cindy for ietting me try. It was a lot of fun.


They say she has loose lips
They're luscious as can be
They say she always swings her hips
And she'll burn you like a third degree

They say her heart is like a trap
And that all men are just like mice
They say watch it or they'll be a snap
So you had better think twice

Don't take sips from loose lips
You'll regret it as soon as you do
She'll tell all your secrets
Yeah, she will tattle on you
Her loose lips are like poison
And you'll never make it through
Stay away from loose lips...loose lips

Passionate pink
Ruby red
With her lips
You're better off dead

They say she's more than cunning
She's wicked to the core
It don't matter if she's stunning
She's done this all before

Repeat chorus

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This is great! I think it is a little bit Rolling Stones, Kris Kristofferson, and Bruce Springsteen. Super song. Thanks!

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I get the Stones vibe - that's some Keith-like strumming, for sure. And the evil-woman lyrics - Cindy makes her sound so mean, but in an enticing way - are made for rockin.'
Bill, I'd know your voice anywhere - you completely have your own vibe. Great collab!

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i think it sounds a little like keith trying to write a stones song without ronnie and mick

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I thought it was a more Daltrey/Townsend kinda vibe especially with the chord progression and rawness of the track (I can see for miles.) Liked how you phrased some of those lines when it came to the chorus. Good stuff!

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Oh, great--I was just giving John Staples a bad time for his song "Hot Woman", telling him I didn't know what a hot woman was any more what with being quarantined...and the next song I play is this one. I mean--it's a great song and all, Cindy's "hot lyrics" and Bill's always intense interpretation...I'm just...SO LONELY!! I've yet to do a love song, I think... Wink

Seriously, though--great collaboration, you guys! Do more!

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Well. Entertaining, naughty, funny, wild, and who is this woman?

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I love how we all hear different things in peoples songs especially Bills. Firstly i like the urgency of the guitar for a hot lyric. I like the elongated words that make it go in surprising directions. If i was to say a style i reckon if you swapped an organ for the guitar you would be more in doors light my fire land! Interesting what you hear. Nice collab guys.

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Ooh. This is one of those "Avah" lyrics. Such sizzle! Bill's treatment of it certainly moderates the spiciness of it, gives it a bounce and a pep that was unexpected and totally works it toward that Brittish Pop era.

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I love that jangling guitar and swaggering vocal. That's definitely a cautionary tale for those of us who might be tempted by all the...uh, accoutrements of this woman. Seriously, Bill, did you get sweaty playing that thing? It sounded like quite a workout the way you were pounding on that guitar

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Lusty vocals and rocking guitar ... I can totally picture a full-band electric version of this. Great chord progression - love it! Lyrics clever and fun - love the heart-like-a-mouse trap image.

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Now this is what we need more of - lol! Love it! Great collab. Electric guitar would have been cool - gotta agree!

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Definitely get a Stones vibe from the outset, nice rhythm playing. And you give the lyric a Jagger-esque delivery, really like this. I can totally hear this in a fleshed-out full rock track. Strong lyric, especially like the chorus.

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Oh, it definitely does call for some Rolling Stones (my favorite) and you did it so well in your own way. The chorus effect on the bridge made it bridge and I liked that. Fabulous collab to you both!