Ghosts of the Nuclear Fringe

Ghosts of the Nuclear Fringe

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Liner Notes: 

Number 2 - Chugging along here at breakneck speed


I saw a broken wing, drawing a fire
soaring clear over the wall
summoning fear of birds that sing to atomic bombs
How long? Greed.
Over the treetops?
Dreams that ever come clear

Jaywalking the streets of sunshine
one foot in in the vault
sunk into the sea a champion
float out like a ghost

shore glowing at midnight
cheat death in the gold light
seaweed and a poison effigy
burns brighter beyond
waves of fire
weatherman's burial pyre
blossoming soul

from heaven come all the angels
cold-blooded and mean
fall out of the sky a raindrop
blow up like a storm

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coolparadiso's picture

classy guitar and a really interesting lyric , the vocal delivery is spot on. Nice

billwhite51's picture

truly a reinvention of the beloved bossa nova. a lovely and most unuual song that is sure to be one of my favorites of 2020

Zeekle's picture

Intriguing lyrics sung very well. The guitar work is awesome, some very nice licks in here. Altogether a brilliant song.

Calum Carlyle's picture

This is really nice. I don't really know how you came up with this lovely set of chords, but wow. And the lyrics over the top, really cool, it can't have been the easiest one to write a melody for either but you've done it without flaw. Really enjoyed this one.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Wow, wow, wow! Lovely guitar and an amazing vocal. I agree with Bill--this is one of the best songs I've heard around here this year. Keep it up!

cleanshoes's picture

Had to listen to this twice. Love that fingerpicking. Lovely and a little haunting, with superb and unexpected progressions. Great imagery in the lyrics!