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Liner Notes: 

I've never seen the film so I had to do some research and found that the film basically revolves around a father and daughter trapped inside a house after a hurricane sweeps through the area. That's bad enough you might say. No, there are some oversized alligators that are stalking them.....of course they are!

Imagine this is the opening theme as the titles roll. There's no real melody, I'm going for atmosphere here. I had fun.


There are no lyrics.

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I didn't watch the movie either but all the tension I imagine it has is present here pristinely. The strings are awesome the piano is haunting all the instruments blend beautiful to create this menacing atmosphere awesome

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Deliciously dark and frightening music that is a perfect soundscape for the film you describe! I love how it builds and evolves. The choice of instruments is perfect for effective layers - love the strings!

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This is awesome! You have captured the dramatic, cinematic feel perfectly. This is perfectly moody and brooding, I like it a lot. Really nice job with the prompt.

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Would make a great opening theme for the movie. Love how the tension builds in this.

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I saw the move about a month ago and it was a pretty good thrill ride. There were some groan moments, but overall a good popcorn flick. I can say that you've captured the intensity of the film and your production is quite masterful. Well done, my friend.

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I am not familiar with the movie but, based on your description, and this fine music, I can "see" those oversized alligators stalking that father and daughter! You really did a nice job of capturing/creating a mood and vibe that raises those little hairs on the back of my neck! Great work!