Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

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Cookie Dough (50/90 challenge)

Liner Notes: 

I'm so glad I finally made myself finish this song that I've been meaning to write for years! But I sort of put it off because it felt like a silly throwaway idea, but that's what these challenges are for, right? I actually put in some effort to write compelling lyrics and melody though so I am more pleased with it than I thought. I'm not sure if it's good enough to go on an album, but I could see myself releasing it as a "B-side" or something.

Basically just a simple metaphor of cookie dough tasting good but being technically bad for you, for a person you can't resist because they're so appealing even though you know they aren't actually GOOD for you.


Cookie dough might be my favorite food
Gotta love that fat and sugar after millions of years of evolution
The sweetness and the texture and the feel of it overwhelm your system with pleasure
But it can make you sick in unexpected ways
And I never really liked the aftertaste
Oh how I wish it were a superfood
But we're just fighting a famine that we made it through, but can't forget

I can't trust people who say they don't enjoy cookie dough
So who could trust me if I said I didn't want you?
And I'm sick of this inhibiting, but pleasure's not everything
And there must be some way that we can make do

You're my favorite kind of guy
There's excitement in your eyes and uncertainty in your life
You look like a prince from a Disney movie and you've almost got his manners too
With just enough edge so you aren't boring
And I could see us taking the world by storm
And I can't pretend that everything would be fine
If I settled for the guy who always gets it right, instead of you

And I've just about made my peace with eating salad regularly
But I couldn't give up cookie dough forever
And I don't think the safe bet is ever gonna work for me
So do you want to make this mess together

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Great lyrics on this one, the cookie dough metaphor is pretty solid! Lots of character in these lyrics. Enjoyable tune as well, I really like that melody on the "and I'm sick of this.." line. Good track!