The Friends I've Made

The Friends I've Made

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The Friends I've Made (50/90 challenge)

Liner Notes: 

This is a true story about the last time I was in London in Dec 2018, which I really miss now. Actually I combined two song ideas - I've been meaning to write a song about these adventures I had because I thought they were pretty interesting, and I also had the idea for "The friends I've made, I wouldn't trade for anything," and I thought, why not combine the two? One of the friends I made really did keep saying she was amazed by how I was so unbothered by everything, and that I was like a protagonist from a Winona Ryder movie. And when I got to work on the song, I thought that was a pretty cool quote to make prominent.

Musically, I actually used a random number generator to write the chord progression (with a couple of small tweaks when it sounded off), ha. I like the melody but since it is a very long song, when I have time I'd like to go back and make some small tweaks to each line so there is more variety (i.e. not just AABBAABB melody like it is now).


When I was last in London I made fast friends with a stranger from Kuwait
And I said yes when she asked me to go hiking with some people she'd met just the previous day
We set off confident and looking forward to the paths we were gonna know
But our fearless leader hadn't been so honest when she said that she knew where she was going
We went round and round in circles caked in mud all the way up to our knees
Till we weren't sure if we would ever know how to solve the puzzle of getting our shoes clean
Till our only light was the tiny flashlights from our phones that weren't dead
7 hours later at the pub, I swear I had the best veggie burger that I've ever had

I never let things get to me
My new friend said, you're just like a character that Winona Ryder would play in a movie
Life is full of mishaps and misfortunes
But the friends I've made, I wouldn't trade for anything

And then at the pub on my last night when I dug into my vegan mushroom pie
I knew that something wasn't quite right when I thought it tasted like bile
I never did get that refund but sure enough they confirmed it was steak and kidney
Then when they finally got it right I dug in a little too enthusiastically
The boiling hot filling in my lap didn't feel too nice, but the lack of scarring was a win
We cleaned it up painstakingly with 100 paper napkins
And though I had to spend the rest of the night with stains of brown gravy
I looked down at the chips on the floor and thought, at least i saved myself the calories

And we're never gonna say goodbye
'Cause we'll just say, everything we shared, all the laughs that made us cry, we're gonna put them on hold until next time
We're gonna get our paper cuts and they're gonna sting
But the friends I've made, I wouldn't trade for anything

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Quite a sensory experience of descriptions and I like how it is centered in a pub. Not that I go to pubs anymore. I also like the friendship connections.

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Really cool stroytelling. "like a character that Winona Ryder would play in a movie" is such a great line. Hilarious!