Bird of Many Colors

Bird of Many Colors

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Liner Notes: 

When I found out Kate had a hurdy gurdy, I just knew we had to collaborate. Here, she wails on the HG in the second half of the song and adds beautiful vocals to the first half. I was delighted with the results!


You took a bag of garbage
and turned it into a
bird of many colors
that flew over the dirty streets

You took a leaf
in a stream
and turned it into a fish
that swam up a wishing well

You took pebbles from a mountain
and turned them into
little planets and moons
that filled the afternoon sky

You took a dead tree
and turned it into a human being
who became my best
friend in the world

You took a bag of garbage
and turned it into a
bird of many colors ...

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Your voices really sound great together.
Lovely hypnotic guitar line.
A surrealist love song.
Oh my the hurdy gurdy is fantastic!
A perfect accompaniment to the guitar.
So nice.
Love it.

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Works beautifully. Kate's vocals and the hurdy gurdy give it a very ethereal feel which is great, and adds a whole extra dimension, that works beautifully with the lyrics, as we never find out who "you" is, but an ethereal quality is definitely required in a song to this mysterious being. Really lovely.

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I saw hurdy-gurdy and had to listen! This is just dreamlike and aethereal - really transports the listener. What a great collaboration!

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This is a lovely duet. I like the gentle, yet dark feeling of the music. The lyrics are just beautiful. The hurdy gurdy sounds great!

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The raspy male voice against the ethereal female voice are truly divine. The theme is quirky intelligent and awesome. Great song wonderfully executed

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kate adds something akin to what licorice and rose added to the incredble string band. another gorgeous song beaming out from my favorite gramaphone.

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Damn straight you were delighted! I'm delighted too. Another fantastic lyric. A bag of garbage turned into a tree--that really appeals to me. I'm loving the high vocal, which takes the TG experience to a more ethereal plane. I'm sitting here in a state of fear and trembling waiting for that hurdy gurdy. When will it come? How much wailing will there be? Whew! It turns out the wailing is within human tolerances. It's kind of sprightly dancing music there at the end. Just lovely !

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yup i would never have picked that but man it works great. awesome guys!

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What an interesting sound! The beautiful and relentless guitar line reminds me so much of Philip Glass. The vocals work so well together giving a delightful contrast. I enjoyed this song a lot! Great collab.

Wow, this is a really great collab! You two go together really well and this is a very lovely track. Hurdy Gurdy action! This is a very nice song I really enjoyed it.

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What a great collaboration! @katpiercemusic's vocals hovering in the background lend a lovely, ethereal quality throughout, and the hurdy-gurdy is fantastic. Really love the poetic lyrics, too.