Bottled Up Emotions

Bottled Up Emotions

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Liner Notes: 

Just came across this phrase and the rest came quickly.


Bottled Up Emotions
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I never want to face it
I'd rather drown it out
If I tried I might break through
But I still have my doubts

My pain is so deep down
I have so many regrets
Maybe if I try harder
But I'm not placing any bets

I have bottled up emotions
That have never seen the light
I have troubles like an ocean
And I'm just too drunk to fight
My bottled up emotions
Keep me drunk night after night

Tonight it's tequila
Sometimes it's gin
I long for amnesia
Again and again

My hurt is long lasting
I don't know where to turn
Maybe if I go deep down
But I don't think I'll ever learn

Repeat chorus

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Not an alcohol drinker myself but I think this is something that could be relatable.

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I would love to try it Cindy. Am a little busy right now so it may take a while