Will you hold my gun?

Will you hold my gun?

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Will you hold my gun?-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

I am not a fan of keeping guns for whatever reason in a house: it's dangerous: to crooks,. loved ones, and the ones pulling the trigger. #TakeKarate
Domestic violence is very real: being killed by your lover a common phenomenon...
I love how he checks the bullets 'twice' almost like Santa who decides if you've been naughty or nice this year...


Will you hold my gun?

He said: Will you hold my gun?
The loaded one
You know the one I bought
For the thieves and robbers and crooks
Who intrude in our house
Who walks free on the streets.

He said: Will you hold my gun?
With the silencer on
You know the one I keep
For self defense when I’m scared and weak
To protect myself from
The poor aggressive asset takers

He said: Will you hold my gun?
And keep it close
You know the one that fires
When I aim at what I govern
Who I’m master of
The souls who are weaker rising up here

Chorus: It takes one bullet
Pull the trigger
Leaves the barrel
Breathe and aim
It takes one bullet
feel the power
And with (that) one bullet
Me and you
we both- die

(I’m sorry)Count your bullets
(I’m sorry)check it twice
(I’m sorry)If one’s for me
(I’m sorry)I’ll try not to bleed on our carpet, dear

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I feel the same about guns. I've known people killed by their spouses. This is so moving and haunting in a way. Brilliant!

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This is so good. It shocked me to listen to it - such a sad story and told so well. The title is very compelling on its own and then the song delivers so much. The description of who the gun is used to defend against is very good writing. It's very impressive that you can hold the listeners' attention with a simple piano and solo voice. A little like a Kurt Veil song from Berlin in some ways. Keeping the chorus to the end is a creative thing to do and adds a new colour to the piece. The final verse is very strong, the use of 'our' for the carpet is very, very touching.