The Lighthouse Keeper

The Lighthouse Keeper

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The Lighthouse Keeper
© 2020 Cindy Prince

On Maine's Seguin Island
A lonely place on the sea
There's a ghost with an ax
Wandering aimlessly

The keeper had bought a piano
For his wife to learn to play
But she only played the same song
Day after day after day

He took his ax to the piano
He took his ax to his wife
He'd lost all of his sanity
Then he took his life
The lighthouse keeper took his own life

If you visit the light house allegedly
You can still hear that haunted melody

They say on out on that island
He still walks with his ax
He could never forgive himself
So he can never relax

Repeat chorus

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This gave me chills! That echo on melody and that last chorus almost makes me scream! Thank you!

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Whoa... I'm from Maine... and I can see that happening... Brilliant write and yes indeed, chilling performance that I absolutely love! Have you guys been watching Stephen King movies?? LOL Wonderful collaboration and kudos to you both!!

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Oh, good--another Cindy and Marthie collaboration! I was just commenting to @billwhite51 how I feel my personal shortcoming is with melody--I tend to just get the chords and arrangement down and then...sing whatever notes happen to come out of my month. At the other end of the spectrum is...Marthie. Always just gobsmacked at her novel rhythms and melodies--obviously super-inspired by Cindy's always great lyrics. Keep them coming, ladies!!

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What a gorgeous song and collaboration! The lyrics, music, piano and vocals are all magical! Girls power!

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I've saw this in the song list, and meant to have a listen earlier. Lovely bleak piano sound, which works beautifully as a soundscape for a song about a light house. Marthienel's vocals sound beautiful, and the story telling of the lyrics tells the story as it is. Fine collaboration.