(Show me your) Epistemology

(Show me your) Epistemology

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Liner Notes: 

So @katpiercemusic wrote this hilarious piece called "The Anthropology Song" (*42205), which made me think it would be funny to write a hair metal song called "Show me your epistemology".

So I did.

Fair warning, anyone who asks why there's a long, pointless, and vaguely unmusical guitar solo in the middle of this song will be treated to a short dissertation on the salient features of Hair Metal.

However, if you were to ask why this particular solo is not good, I'd have to admit that I'm just really bad at guitar solos. If anyone would like to record a better hair metal solo for this song, I'd be happy to incorporate it.


You’ve got such a head on you, you think you know it all
Ideas on what the future’s gonna bring
You’re on a tour bus in the arizona desert
Why would you think that you know anything

I wanna see your epistemology

So you almost got a minor in eastern mysticism
From a school where you nearly got a degree
But you pitched it all aside to be a groupie for a rock band
I don’t recall that being suggested in the tao te ching

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This really gave me a great laugh, starting with your explanation for solo in liner notes! great hook in there too! and love the watch out your assumptions are showing bit....
I have a hard time doing any metal type solo without picturing people rocking out with wangs out and being used for slides...it's a mental hangup and picture I'll never be able to rid from my head, but it keeps me from ever attempting such things unless very tongue in cheek Wink .....nicely done! Really enjoyed this!

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The cheeky lyrics and the slightly detached, ironic vocal delivery make this shine. And the solo is just fine.

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And the award for best arena rock song on the theme of epistemology goes to...

The vocal needs to be more falsettoish to be true hair metal in my opinion but even so this was an awesome bit of fun! Clever lyrics for sure.

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Hilarious sendup of... well, lots of things.
Great vox here.
This whole thing reminds me of a track from "Phantom of the Paradise"; remember that film?
Your guitar solo is actually perfect and fits right in to the spirit of this track.
The backup vox in the chorus crack me up.
Yeah, really nice.

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"I'm under contract too" Smile Great film about the music industry

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Dang! I was just going to write a hair metal song on epistemology..... oh well... mine would not have held a candle to this quirky funny good lyric and awesome metal sound - the guitar solo is perfect here. Just what the song needed! And the vocals are perfect metal camp befitting the lyrics!