Gonzalo versus Saharan Dust

Gonzalo versus Saharan Dust

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Liner Notes: 

Last week, we here in southwest Florida were watching the progress of Tropical Storm Gonzalo. But a weather forecast headline let us know "Gonzalo Will Run Into Saharan Dust," and that weather phenomenon would wipe out storm. And a song was born. Also a way to practice some new mandolin chords (D minor and G minor).


Tea leaves and telescopes seemed like tools that I could trust
Told me Gonzalo’s gonna run into Saharan dust

In his sleeveless shirt, yeah he looked so robust
and then macho Gonzalo got in a fight with Saharan dust

Down at the beauty shop, he’s all the old ladies discussed
Yeah they gossiped ‘bout Gonzalo –then along came Saharan dust

He ate up all the garlic bread, left me with the crust
Gonzalo got ate up, too – by Saharan dust

Sharks are circling, all the bookies have gone bust
Gonzalo got knocked out by the new champ Saharan dust

Won’t be back for his Cadillac, summer like this it will sure rust
‘cause Gonzalo’s party’s over, he’s run right into Saharan dust

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Ooh! I like that semitone progression. That's super funky. And adding the mandolin... I bet Grisman would love to play with this song. It seems made for mandolin picking. Yay!

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fne variation on the tropical storm blues. the saharan dusts boadens the idiom. also liked yourrelaxed vocal delivery and the ukelele parts.

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Magnificent accents and performed with real flair, this was a download for sure! I’ve never heard anything quite in this vein before, and I like it! Such witty personification and storytelling too. So glad I happened on this one.

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Macho Gonzalo and Saharan Dust definitely a semi-pro wrestling matchup at a county fair somewhere hahahah
This is great! loving the mandolin twinkles Smile

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I absolutely love how EVERY line in this song rhymes with every other line! Also, the little chord stabs from the mandolin are pretty cool. Your choice of mandolin notes are really quite effective.
The whole lofi thing of this is pretty cool too. It doesn't sound "bad" lofi, it sounds like a couple of guys just playing some music in a shed!
I know what you mean about garlic bread, as well. Tropical storms are hungry beasts.