Eternity (‘I will’ prompt)

Eternity (‘I will’ prompt)

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Liner Notes: 

I read @corinne54’s skirmish prompt at 3:18, and the first line of this lyric jumped into my basket, and I had to take it home and try to make sense of it. Two hours to get this finished.

Now I think it’s time for a change. Might do another take on this prompt with the other idea that was left behind.


I will only last a lifetime
Following the ones who went before me
To show me

I will only taste forever
When the moment dips into eternity
To hold me

We’re mining for treasure
while our time is here
a breath, like a feather
that’s keeping us here

I can only ask a favor
If you have the time to sit beside me
Come find me

I may only have a moment
But I want to share it with someone who
I know
touched eternity too

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Oh how beautiful! Such pretty music and your vocals are so lovely. Great skirmish!

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Very pretty and the music and lyrics are a great match. A very fine skirmish.

Sounds like a good one for a road movie. Makes you wanna go, you know Lol

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Small guitar - big beautiful poetic song! Really gorgeous in the sentiment of longing for that once in a lifetime special relationship with someone who knows your soul. I love this!

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I would also like to say small guitar, huge song! That last verse and long note was sooo pretty! every line in this is great, really loved it from line one, that's a good one to hop in the old brain basket first Smile

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Very beautiful, poignant song Barbara. Very special vision for the prompt. Your singing and playing are so intimate yet appealing to so many! Gorgeous work!

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Really like that guitar sound, it just sweeps around the vocals. The lyrics are philosophical, and so sweet. Great song and great skirmish.

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Lovely melody. I like the spacing of the vocal. You make us wait for the finish. This is a very tasty piece. Great job.

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Very good song and lovely vocal and melody. My favorite of the skirmish songs, nicely done!

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So beautiful and poignant--a very mature lyric, for all its brevity. I love the middle verse, especially!

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The bridge is especially beautiful, but the whole song is so delicate and deep. Wonderful, Barbara!

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There are several memorable and honestly, just gorgeous lines here. I'd repost them but it's like most of the song, lyrically, that I'm after. It opens with one, which invites another with, "I will only taste..."

And then, "We're mining for treasure." I love the vocal delivery there and the guitar work immediately after.

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Very nice job with the prompt. This is a beautiful and meaningful folk song. Well done!

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There's a lot of my philosophy/belief system in here. And it's an absolutely lovely, delicate song. Love it!