I Will, I Won't

I Will, I Won't

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Liner Notes: 

I think I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel with this. Just couldn't get out what I wanted.


I Will, I Won't
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I will kiss you
I won't kiss your ass
I will hug you
If you are first class

I will be yours
I won't play second
I will support you
I won't go beggin'

I will be true
I will love you
I won't deny
If you will try
I will commit
If you won't quit
I will say I do
Won't you say it too?

I will hang on
I won't be neglected
I will keep trying
With mutual respect

I will be bound
I won't be ignored
I will always stay
As long as I'm adored

Repeat chorus

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coolparadiso's picture

I like the emphasis of the I’s. Nice and positive and spirit in this.

Zeekle's picture

It’s a great take on what your expectations are. I do like those first two lines, reall sets the scene.

JWHanberry's picture

Sounds almost like wedding vows. A quite reasonable list of I wills. Good job.

musicsongwriter's picture

Cool ideas Cindy. I like how you took both parts of the prompt: will and won't.

kahlo2013's picture

Love the chorus and all of the i wills through the song! Great direction to take the skirmish prompt!

barbara's picture

I love this message, Cindy! It really communicates steadfast loving and commitment while drawing an important line. Great rhythm and rhymes to each verse made this straight talk a pleasure to read.

dzd's picture

a great song-style weddingish vow...not in a bad cheesy way either which would be really easy to do, trying to do such a thing hahah

really enjoyed this.......quite a reasonable list of expectations....good chuckle right from the start