Into the Fire

Into the Fire

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Liner Notes: 

Wanted to do a fire one for week four. Needs music and vocals.


Into the Fire
© 2020 Cindy Prince

It was burning
But I didn't turn back
It was scorching
I could hear the trees crack

It was blazing
I could feel the heat
It was blasting
And I had a window seat

Like a wildfire
Searing the ground
I kept going
Couldn't turn around
Deep down I knew it
It would be a disaster
But I didn't care
Kept driving faster
Into the fire...into the fire

Closer and closer
Hotter and hotter
It's boiling over
There is no water

It was flaming
But I kept on going
It was smoldering
The hot wind blowing

It was sweltering
But I drove on
It was sizzling
Knowing it was wrong

Repeat chorus

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Yep - I can certainly say that I've been in that situation before. Knowing that the consequences could be beyond scorching and yet I keep pursuing it. Good write here, my friend!

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Very good use of the metaphor. These lyrics are smart and cut to the point.