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Liner Notes: 

I wasn't able to do much yesterday after bending over quickly and have extreme vertigo. No fun. I did the Epley Maneuver last night and am much better. Thought
I'd write a little song.


© 2020 Cindy Prince

Was bending over
Things started to spin
I nearly fell down
And it wasn't gin

Trying some yoga
Mat began to move
I didn't like it
I'd lost my groove

I was dizzy
Staggering too
I was wobbly
So woozy
My balance was askew
I was dizzy....so dizzy

I got to my recliner
Didn't want to crash
I'm too old
To fall on my ass

After a maneuver
I'm ready to go
I sure don't like

Repeat chorus

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I've never had vertigo but glad you have a technique to deal with it and glad you were able to get a song out of it!

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Ive had it a couple of times. Both after flying. Its really unnerving. Well captured