Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Please Scream Inside Your Heart

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Liner Notes: 

This is my entry for the current Songfight -
If you've not heard of it before, Songfight is a sort of weekly (or thereabouts) songwriting contest using a set title as a prompt.
The prompt this time round is "Please Scream Inside Your Heart"

Listen out for the Wilhelm Scream which I've included in the mix as per the AAAAUGGHHHH! challenge -
I thought it appropriate given the title Smile

It's sort of reggae but in 6/4 time...I think
More LABS stuff and various guitar tracks, bass, ukulele, addictive drums


Somewhere in the dark
You can hear noises
Run or you can hide
They’re your only choices

In the night
Fear comes creeping
You’re eyes are open wide
When you should be sleeping

There’s no one who cares
What happens when it’s over
Don’t waste your breath on prayers
Please scream inside your heart

Watch your back
Who knows what waits behind you
A cold and unknown black
You fear that you’re confined to

There is no escape
From your inner demons
You lie there wide away
And scream inside your heart

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Very well put together. Nice simple lyric, the great loose reggae beat. Very classy

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What a fantastic production! It is so deliciously rich with great layers against a wonderful back drop of that great bass line and percussion. Love the the organ/synth and brass sections. The melody is great and flows so well and the whistling is really perfect. The anticipation just keeps building and adds to the growing creepiness that is so wonderfully conveyed in the lyric. Great use of the scream. Really engaging song! Well done!

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Now this is a treasure! So love the lyrics and whistling! Great production!

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Is that whistling past the graveyard? Great little song, very well put together in all respects.

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Every aspect of this joint is killin', dude. Always impressed by your production from day 1. That Wilhelm scream almost escaped by ears, but I caught. Nice incorporation of that classic sample.

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Love it, great sounds. I like the organ a lot. No escape from inner OR outer demons.

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Everything about this is amazing! Crisp, clean production and terrific instrumentation. That whistling really draws you into the song and adds a cool quirk to the laid-back beat. I'm doing the fight too--you have my vote.

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What a perfect song to capture the essence of a state of mind so many of us can relate to.
Everything about it captures the the strangeness.
I will vote if non-members can vote.
BTW...I saw a clip which most likely prompted the song. It's about an amusement park that just reopened in Japan
Dead serious. Because of Covid, you are not allowed to scream

'Please Scream Inside Your Heart,' Japanese Amusement Park Tells Thrill-Seekers
July 9, 20204:18 PM ET

Just amazing

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Love it--had to listen to this twice! The whistling and Reggae-ish rhythm give it sort of a retro, ghoulish vibe that I really love. A little fun, a little eerie--just a great combination. And good job incorporating the Wilhelm!

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Those horns sound great. Well the whole thing does actually, I was just taken away on the horns.
Steller production as usually, nice dubby echoses