Oh, the Rain

Oh, the Rain

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Liner Notes: 

It's rainy season here in southwest Florida, and here's my annual song about it.


I am the fella
holding an umbrella
and I’m here to tell ya here comes rain

I am the fellow
so fine and mellow
and I’m saying hello to the rain

Oh, the rain

I am the feller
got a flooded cellar
but no bad news dweller ‘bout the rain

I am the feller
with the umbreller
I’m a fortune teller
looks like rain

Oh, the rain

I’m the hail fellow well met
with no regret
and I don’t mind being wet in the rain

I am the fella
holding the umbrella
singing a cappella ‘bout the rain

Oh, the rain

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Some very clever rhymes in there and I got a kick out of the acapella bit. Fun stuff!

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Im going to tell yer i like yer umbrella! Song. Very clever very entertaining.

Fella Umbrella is an effective enough rhyme to hold the song, very fun! Great feel to this track.

kahlo2013's picture

Some fun rhymes that seem to make the best of a rainy day or three!