Ain't My First One

Ain't My First One

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host kahlo2013
prompt Rodeo

Wasn't expecting a skirmish today so I didn't get started until 3:00 CDT.

Wasn't crazy about the theme at first 'cause I just heard "Amarillo by Mornin'" last night. Who needs another one! So I came up with a twist on "not my first rodeo". I didn't use any of the forbidden words or "rodeo". Got to be careful these days.

Guitars: 2004 Martin DCME

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Ain't My First One

This ain't my first one
No, I've been here before
And it won't be my last one
'til I walk out that door
This ain't my first time around
Whether I lose or win
'cause man I just can't help myself
I gotta do it all again.

Long ago I fell in love
Then it broke my heart
It still hurts to remember
How it tore me all apart
But after a while got to feelin' like
It's time to try my luck
One look in those big green eyes
I was thunderstruck


Some friends and me got together
We was gonna make it big
We worked and worked night and day
Tryin' to get a gig
Finally found an agent
Who sent us down the road
But we didn't even make enough
To pay the bar tab that we owed.


I wrote a song just the other day
I knew this was it
Strong verse and catchy chorus
It's gonna be a hit
Sent it off to A and R
He didn't listen twice
Told me sing it at the Bluebird
They'll think it's real nice.


©2020 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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This is great! Amazing work for a skirmish. We both went down the "not my first rodeo" route. Biggrin Really strong lyrics and storytelling and great music and guitar work.

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This really rocks and your did an awesome job with the prompt without ever using the word! Kudos on getting the maximum bonus points! I love that you embraced not the first and not the last in the same song in a song, no less, about the ups and downs of the music business. Perfect and clever for a skirmish! Wonderful groove and strength in the music that would make it fun to hear live and dance to! Thanks for participating and for a great song.

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Nice spirit of resilience here! The big green eyes were a great touch to make that verse vivid. Setbacks are just part of living, and your performance makes it clear that this person is not going to be stopped by any of that. (Personally if someone told me they’d like my stuff at the Bluebird, I’d be on cloud nine!). It’s good to be skirmishing with you again!

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Awesome skirmishing! Very clever write-around to avoid the skirmish prompt and great musical energy!

That guitar sounds so good - not just the playing but just the guitar itself. Dig the rhythm you create with it, too.
Nice vocals - pairs well with the vocals; you got a distinct feel to this, and although not usually a style I listen to, this sounds superb to me. I love what you do vocally between sections, just the way you hold and kinda belt out some of those notes. The melody overall is just so good and catchy.
Oy, been so busy liking the singin' and playin' that I ain't even paid attention to what you were saying lol
Ah, nice - I really like how you give different examples/stories where you get burned, but the ol' itch always comes back and you end up doing all over again. Makes me rethink the term 'not my first rodeo'... Rodeos include people getting tossed off the bull they are riding, then they get back up and get back on! Wow lol...i never even took that part of the saying into account until I read your lyrics.
Awesome, man...songs SOUNDS good and it also got my brain working again!

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Wow, this is a great rhythm/vocal performance.......kudos on the prompt too! didn't even use that dirty rodeo word Wink yup, never can be too careful.
love the chorus especially .......very catchy with some really strong verses too Wink not your first or last!