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Liner Notes: 

@kahlo2013 offered the prompt “Rodeo” with all sorts of bonus point challenges. I left a few on the table, though it remains to be seen if this is country (probably).

I have some music in mind but not fully worked out yet, and I’d rather comment timely on others, instead of take the extra time to record.

Thanks, Liz!

UPDATE: Now with music. I hate that I messed up the chords toward the very end, but...skirmish song. Not gonna fix.


You cast your rope at the sunset
Hoping to tie it down
but all you did was stir the clouds up
Inside your heart, a weary sound:

“I’m giving up, I’m done with dreaming
I’ll keep my wishes to myself
You won’t find me tossing any hats into the ring,
It don’t do anything but make me sad
I’m giving up, I gotta go
This is my final rodeo.”

You passed my way beside the stables
Head hung so low to hide your frown
You caught me daydreaming of travel
‘til I heard your horse and turned around

I stood up, feeling something different
I brushed my pants off, gave a smile
You said “Hello there, I’m just leaving.
I need to think for just a while.”

I cast my hopes toward the sunset:
“Not trying to tie you down,
But all I want is some adventure.
I need to get out of this town.

“I’m giving up on being seen here,
I’ll keep my worries to myself,
You won’t find me giving any trash talk from the wings
that don’t do anything but make folks mad
I’m giving up, I gotta go
I need a bigger rodeo.”


That was a year ago this summer
And we have still not settled down
You flip the flap jacks to the ceiling
And I’m so glad you’re still around
And there’s nowhere we need to go...
This is our final rodeo.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That is a really beautiful sentiment Barbara and wonderful take on the prompt! I love the heartfelt vulnerability and insightful perspective on love. Nice duality of the use of final rodeo as well with the turn in meaning. This has such an honest romantic feel that I hear it as a gorgeous ballad rather than county. Congrats on all of your bonus points and thanks so much for joining in!

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Nice! Very heartfelt and vivid, some really great lines in this....especially love the "inside your heart, a weary sound" bit Wink
This could go country, but yeah as a quick read seems more of a ballad with lots of strings Wink nothing wrong with a country ballad, break out the fiddle and mouth harp sections!

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Love the ropes and hopes juxtaposition! What a lovely story. I'm hearing country-ish ballad with lots of lush harmonies. Smile

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Quite a journey this lyrics leads us through. Seeking adventure and finding it. Let us know when the music comes.

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Love, love, love this! Very sweet and very clever take on the skirmish prompt.

So many striking and vivid visuals here.
Being such a non-songwriter myself, sometimes its hard for me to follow or stay invested in a lyric's story. But this was engaging, especially due to the visuals you created and the voice you gave each well as the simple but very impactful actions you give each of them throughout. The ending with the 'you flip the flap jacks to the ceiling' is so clearly seen in my head, and the fact that it ends up being a happy ending (the way I read it at least), really works.

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Barbara! Don’t see the link yet that you said was posted. Perhaps it wasn’t saved?

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I love the direction you went with the melody on this. It flows beautifully - the phrasing and tempo allow the lyric to sink in without losing the sense of movement into something beautiful. Really gorgeous! I’m glad you added music!

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I liked this as a lyric, pretty much love it as a 1v1 demo......great melody especially that chorus.... delicate yet strong vocal performance! well done! I didn't hear any chord flubups...was actually looking forward to it Smile hahaha great job!

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Ouch! That "I'm giving up" verse. I felt that. This is beautifully performed. Just as it should be. Got my mind to slow down for a bit and that's not an easy thing to do.

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Good job on the music. Really brings it to life. FWIW I could hear that first chorus after "I need to think for just a while". Could be he's done with dreaming and thinking of quitting the rodeo business. Just a thought. Fine tune just like it is.

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Aaah, and the music is perfect with it! And such lovely vocals and instruments. Fantastic work!

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Oh, Barbara. This is so lovely and bittersweet. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me tear up. The lyrics are great, but the music and delivery really set the mood and complete the piece.

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I couldn't imagine a sweeter picture of a happy home than "flapjacks to the ceiling." I can't help but get caught up in this song. It's transportive the way you paint a picture with just a touch of surrealism. Lovely, too, how you turned it around in the end.

Hook, line, sinker, I didn't have a chance! Beautiful.