Sy Lag(She laughs)

Sy Lag(She laughs)

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Sy Lag-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire

Liner Notes: 

cowrite with new writer friend

Sy Lag -Jaco Louw

She stands
alone and lost
She knows
of forgotten treasures
She sleeps
cold and wet
hungry and sad clothes that fit
Sy laughs,
compensate her spirit
She dreams
from long long ago
from long long ago…

Our roads
strange but with peace
my voice
hear it as it fades
you should never (not).
Remember me
Remember me
always. (instr)

What happened and
where does the hurt come from?
What are you hiding?
with please and thank you?
What are you hiding
under your couch?
She laughed
She laughed.


Sy Lag -Jaco Louw

Sy staan
alleen en verlore
Sy weet
van vergete skatte
Sy slaap
koud en nat
honger en hartseer klere wat pas
Sy lag ,
haar spirit vergoed
Sy droom
van lank lank gelede
van lank lank gelede…

Ons paaie
vreemd maar met vrede
my stem
hoor dit soos dit vervaag
moet jy tog nooit(nie).
Onthou my
Onthou my
vir altyd. (instr)

Wat het gebeur en
vanwaar is die seer?
Wat steek jy weg ?
met asseblief en dankie?
Wat steek jy weg
onder jou lekkersit-bankie?
Sy lag
Sy lag.

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Love the darker sound to the piano and melody on this song. Always a nice thing to find a new co-writer! Great song.