Negative Nancy's Theme

Negative Nancy's Theme

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Liner Notes: 

Negative Nancy airs Thursdays at 8 PM EST (FN)

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cool bass driving beat sets a great stage for the layers that build. Love the sound effect samples from the backing dogs and birds to want sounds like a whole barnyard or petting zoo. That soaring guitar is awesome in the middle section and near the end. Love the music and I will refrain on commenting on the Negative Nancy thread in the forum.

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the entire piece, with the exception of the guitar solos, brings back the television era, a time when tv theme songs ran through the mind constantly

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Charming track, cool bass and fittingly campy keyboards. The sound effects add a lot to the vibe. The guitar solo is very melodic, great tone, and the sound effects just get quirkier as we go. What kind of crazy show is this, it makes you wonder haha. Nice one.

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I would watch this show Smile Nancy lives in a zoo and loves to wank around with the guitar and keyboards Smile excellent!

all filmed in front of a live studio audience Wink

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ha, what a fun vibe and a way to take lemons and make lemonade!!! great fun!

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Those cheesy keys are super catchy and oddly compelling. You've sort of baked a treacle tart here and then set it on fire with that guitar solo. Speaking of Negative Nancy, do you play in a band with motisbeard?

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witty composition. i can imagine the opening credits montage haha and the sound effects just keep getting funnier. top ending. really like it a lot - cheers

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Ha what fun ! Brings back 70s 80s memories of cheesy US dramas and (when the plank spanking starts) TOTPs Smile
Did you record this in your cowshed ? If so, you forgot the cowbell Wink

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So, Negative Nancy is the kind of show that would not have been shown in the UK until much later when the reruns were on Channel 4 at 11pm on a Friday. After SOAP. Oh look, Special Guest Star Dick Van Dyke!

Genius. Hope you had as much fun making this as I did listening to it and imagining a whole TV show in my actual head.