Leaving Me Behind

Leaving Me Behind

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Liner Notes: 

This idea popped into my head. Needs music and vocals.


Leaving Me Behind
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I tried sweetheart, I really did
But I have failed miserably
I know that you are just a kid
And you miss Tennessee

I held you close, many times
But you just pushed me away
Loving you ain't a crime
And I can't make you stay

You're going back to Nashville
Going back to your family
Dallas never felt like home
Though I tried so patiently
Your car's all packed and ready
You've made up your mind
My legs feel so unsteady
You are leaving me behind

I kept thinking you wouldn't go
And I meant something to you
I now realize that wasn't so
Don't know how I'll pull through

My love will not hold you back
You made that perfectly clear
Now my life is fading black
As you drive away from here

Repeat chorus

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Love the sentiment here - now that pull to place can really call people home. You capture that so well I this really poignant and well crafted lyric.

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This has a longing to it that I think many can relate to....a universal topic. I hear the conflicted emotions in the narrator's voice. Nice.