I Hear You're Writing a Pop Song

I Hear You're Writing a Pop Song

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Liner Notes: 

So...I was listening to a song this morning and I thought the singer said, "rocket sex." It occurred to me that writing a pop song definitely isn't rocket sex...or maybe it is. Anyway, I gave myself an hour to write a song about how songwriting isn't rocket sex. I failed, obviously, but it didn't take an hour Smile


I hear you’re writing a pop song
It doesn’t have to be deep
Make it catchy so they’ll sing along
But when they read it they’ll weep
So goddam stupid they’ll sing along
But when they read it they’ll weep

I hear you’re writing a pop song
Repetition is key
Make it easy so they’ll sing along
Make ‘em feel something deep
So full of meaning when they sing along
But when they read it they’ll weep
[So f#@king dumb when they read]

Let’s go now!

Put your solo right here
I would play it if I knew how
I’d not deprive you my dears
I’ve made it catchy, so I sing alone
And when I read it I weep
I hear you’re writing a pop song
How ‘bout changing the key?

So full of meaning when you sing along
But the page doesn’t speak
To the heart

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Love it! Your vocals always take me by surprise. So 60s Brit like Chad and Jeremy. Clever lyrics.

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Sounds great. Feels to me as if it has a Jonathan Richman feel to it, sort of innocent, but not innocent, if that makes sense. Works beautifully.

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sage advice. i wish i were able to take it. i like it when you stretch out the word "writing"

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Oh you know how. Love this. Good advice as well. Very nice this!

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That guitar tone is amazing, and perfect counterpart to the cheeky lyrics.

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Brilliant song. It has the energy, the drive, it's catchy and instantly likable.

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My thumbs up also for the vocal treatment on this. Chuckled through the lyrics. Very nice job! "Put your solo right here!" Smile

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Awww damn, I really love this! Clever hook and brilliant treatment of it! I like the music and your vocals really sell it! My favorite part is how you integrated the repetition into the verses but changed it up a little on several lines! "Put your solo right here" gave me a smile...from ear to ear! Nice work!

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that guitar sounds great! that's some great rocket sex right there Biggrin really good mix/vocal on this too, weird how that works out when I'm assuming mostly unintentional?

Best. Guitar. Solo. EVER!

would be a The Weakerthans tune if they were making fun of themselves, which was done at times! a band I've always had a weird soft spot for.

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Ah that's a classic, 'songwriting isn't rocket sex!' Yeah I really like that guitar tone and you have such an ear for melody, man
But the cynic emerges victorious here, humble but victorious.
Damn, that guitar solo is awesome, seriously, 'Put your solo right here I would play if I knew how' trounces most I've heard lately.

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You heard wrong, I'm writing an album of sensitive, jazzy explorations of the human psyche. This will not stand!

I was a little disappointed that "rocket sex" didn't make it into the lyrics. On every other level though, this is an enjoyable and witty bit of songwriting-about-songwriting!

Hiya.. Yeah great. That's so true!!
LOL "Put your solo right here"
I was waiting for the key change.. even sat for a couple of secs in case it ws gonna come after a pause..
It is still possible up a tone in the DAW.. !
Thanks for this. Lovely and fresh.