Sally's Headin' Into Town

Sally's Headin' Into Town

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Liner Notes: 

Now that I've gotten the mandolin out, I wanted to do a straight-up bluegrass song.


With a basket in each hand
Sally’s headin’ into town
walkin’ proud on the rural route
and trailed by her hound

Got a bag across her shoulder
Sally’s headin’ into town
rumor is she got a business
selling things she found

Way out in the backwoods
while the family’s still asleep
whatever Sally gathers is
a secret she will keep

Way out in the backwoods
while the kids are still in bed
she does what Billy taught her
but now her husband’s dead

Two baskets and a bagful
Sally’s headin’ into town
walks hard miles still she smiles
she will not be tied down
Sally’s headin’ into town

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Wonders if there are any yoga bluegrass artists........

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Our bluegrass is usually at double that time! This is Mando folk to me and very nice it is!

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You barely sketch out the story here and it's dark and hopeful at the same time. The Mando sounds great.

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I love mandolin so much. This is a fun tune, and I like the simple storytelling in the lyrics. Nice!

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Yeah, wonderful mandolin accents goin on there.
Such a happy tune!
It's starting my morning off right.
Well now I'm wondering what Sally is gathering way back in the woods....
Sounds slightly Lovecraftian to me...
Anyway, this is a really great song!