To Take Away These Blues

To Take Away These Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I had no intention of writing another song right now but my muse had other ideas. Love to have music and vocals.


To Take Away These Blues
© 2020 Cindy Prince

I'll drink you under the table
I'll drink any old brew
I'll drink until I can't stand up
But I'll never drink away you

I'll drink some Kentucky Bourbon
I'll drink some fancy wine
I'll drink an ice cold bottle of beer
But I ain't gonna be fine

Ain't no liquor strong enough
To block out the taste of you
Ain't no whiskey bold enough
To take away these blues
Ain't nothin' to take away these blues

No concoction
No Jack
Will ever
Bring you back

I'll drink at home or the bar
I'll drink in every location
I'll drink for the sake of drinkin'
But it won't be my salvation

Repeat chorus

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Oh yes! Another top lyric Cindy and a drinkin' hurtin' song to tug at those heartstrings...